About OsteoUp

OsteoUpTN, The BoneUp™ Osteoporosis Prevention and Maintenance Program from the PhysicalMind Institute, NYC, uses the Tye4® wearable Assistance and Resistance Bungee system to increase overall physical confidence while also helping raise bone density.     

The use of standing Pilates develops long lean muscle, stronger abdominals & back, flexibility & mobility, while aiding in fall prevention.

Load-bearing, weight-bearing movements done in a standing position help to increase bone density, balance and stability.

Increased confidence encourages more physical activity, leading to greater opportunities for overall health and fitness.

Certified Tye4® Instructors


Tye4® is a unique wearable resistance/assistance harness developed by the Pilates PhysicalMind Institute. It functions like a Pilates Reformer machine.


RESISTANCE – Tye4® provides up to 20 lbs of resistance through a full range of motion, targeting and firing the small stabilizing muscles around the joints. This allows us to facilitate rehab-style fitness. It strengthens the body in proper posture, as the harness lifts the sternum.

FLEXIBILITY – Tye4® provides a closed kinetic chain on feet and hands. It opens up the joints allowing increased oxygen flow, resulting in joint healing and recovery. It also allows for individual PNF stretching and a unique muscle firing & stretch pattern; resulting in rapid increase in flexibility.

ASSISTANCE – Tye4® is used to assist areas that may be weak due to inactivity or sedentary lifestyle.  It is also used to allow for greater range of motion, since the bungees can be used to guide a limb (leg or arm) through a movement without causing stress or tension due to fear of moving.     

(PURCHASE TYE4® HERE) use code: heather10 for 10% off your TYE4® purchase.

2 thoughts on “About OsteoUp

  1. I’m interested in doing your class. I have a few health issues in need of correcting my mobility. I stumble and or fall once in awhile and it feels my muscles stick together.

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