My name is Tracy Sharpe.  For several months I have being taking the OsteoUp class.  I started to see a difference almost immediately.  When I took the first class I felt stronger. The same has been true for every class I have taken.  I have a knee that I have a screw in. For thatContinue reading “Stronger”

Improved Balance

Heather Dunsford is an amazing instructor for the OsteoUp exercise program.  I am 67 years old but feel that OsteoUp is a fun program that is great for seniors.  My balance and physical conditioning have improved significantly. OsteoUP!!

Thank You!

I started taking the OsteoUp classes in November because I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was feeling it as a pain between my shoulder blades. By early February I noticed I was no longer having that pain. Thank you OsteoUp and Heather Dunsford!-Marie Koskey

Trusting My Body!

“I started OsteoUp classes 9 months ago and it’s making a big difference in my life! I fell several times and felt like I was going to fall a lot. Now it’s different. I am learning I can trust my body won’t fall. I’ve learned by using the Tye4®. I have better balance and posture.Continue reading “Trusting My Body!”